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18 May 2015 at 14:28
The BICC ALENCON May 17th 2015 477 Members sent 4,652 birds CONGRATULATION to Mr & Mrs Streatfield - Snodland on winning 1st section ES 6th Open (Provicional) Flying the "Romi" and "Branco Junior" lines of the Koopman pigeons. "Branco Junior" has bred National winners. Down 6 Generations.
05 May 2015 at 14:12
CONGRATULATION TO RAY THOMAS of Weymouth with his performance with a Ponderosa Pigeon(Meulemans) in the 1st National race of the 2015 season BRITISH BARCELONA CLUB BBC NATIONAL Carentan 4th May 1st Weydor - 2nd section B - 24th Open (To be Confirmed)
04 March 2015 at 13:47
AUBREY MIRLIN AND ALAN PAYLING – MALTBY 2013 1ST Open and 9th Open Northern Classic from Carentan Blue Cock “442” Winner of: 3 x 1st Club 1 x 3rd Fed 1 x 2nd Club 1 x 4th Fed 2 x 4th Club 1 x 8th Fed 2 x 5th Club 1 x 13th Fed 1 x 18th Fed Blue Cock “170” 4 x 1st Club 1 x 1st Fed against 2,377 Birds 1 x 2nd Club 1 x 3rd Fed against 3,311 B irds 2 x 3rd Club 1 x 4th Club Blue Cock “215” 3 x 1st Club 1 x 5th Fed against 1,999 Birds 1 x 4th Club 1 x 6th Fed against 2,520 Birds 1 x 4th Club 1 x 9th Fed against 3,032 Birds
04 March 2015 at 13:45
PREECE BROTHER – WALES Blue Pied Hen Gwasted Wendys Girl 2013 2nd Section, 3rd Open BICC St. Vincent 2014 2nd Section, 5th Open BICC Pau. Dark Chequer Hen Gwasted Brians Queen 3rd Section, 3rd WSR National Tarbes 2013 5th Section, 35th Open N.F.C Tarbes 5th Section, 6th WSR National Tarbes 2014 14th Section 97th N.F.C National Tarbes Both Hens are bred from ‘Benoni’ only bird home on the day in the WRS National Bergerac ‘Benoni’ is bred from the lines Young Marseille Star and Oude Koppel of The Muller- Aarden family.
04 March 2015 at 13:44
MR FROST AND GRANDSON 1ST Club – 2nd Fed 850 Birds 29th Up North Combine against 24,246 Birds . Two weeks later the same pigeon won: 2nd Club, 3rd Fed, 32nd U.N.C against 13,064 Birds 2nd Club, 2nd fed, 19th U.N.C against 10,841 Birds 2nd Club, 3rd fed, 11th U.N.C against 7,905 Birds 7th Fed against 1,672 Birds 12th Fed against 2,765 Birds 23rd Fed against 1,230 Birds One pigeon won in 5 weeks 14th Fed against 2,765 Birds 3rd Club, 6th Fed against 1,876 Birds 10th Fed 83rd U.N.C against 10,755 Birds 2nd Club, 4th Fed against 1,146 Birds 6th Club, 11th Fed against 1.256 Birds 1st Club, 3rd Fed against 2,134 Birds 13th Fed 29th U.N.C 12,527 Birds 1st Club 1st Fed against 2,121 Birds All the above results are direct from the cock bird bred at The Ponderosa UK Stud pair 3 Heremans Ceuster (Son Wonderaske and Diadora and Daughter Olympiad Grand Sons won: 7th Fed 16th U.N.C against 12,527 Birds 110th U.N.C against 12,527 Birds 6th Fed against 2,226 Birds 8th Fed against 1,876 Birds On ordering pigeons from us Mr Frost asked for winners and in his words he has said “THAT IS WHAT I GOT”.
04 March 2015 at 13:44
MR BEACONSFIELD – MARLBOROUGH – WILTS C.S.C.F.C 31ST May 2014 Messac 249 Miles 2,641 Birds 10th Section 67th Open BBC 3rd May 2014 Carentan 147 Miles 2,235 Birds 98th Open 43rd Section C 17th May 2014 Messac 249 Miles 2,336 Birds 58th Open 23rd Section C 17th May 2014 Messac 249 Miles 2,336 Birds 43rd Open 17th section C 14th June 2014 Niort 356 Miles 1,006 Birds 8th Open 2nd Section C 31st August 2014 214 Miles 1,008 Birds 27th Open 2nd Section C Bred from The Ponderosa UK Stud, Red Janssens Famous 05, Commander Bond, Verbart 46.
25 February 2015 at 14:03
Our Friend Mohnnad racing 5 pigeons only has won with his 9 month old Champion pigeon. 1st from 470Km against 1,200 Birds 6 minutes ahead 5th from 350Km against 1,600 Birds 10th from 270Km against 1,800 Birds G.Sire: Bred at The Ponderosa UK Stud Janssen - Bange-51 De-Klak Inbred Goldfinger G.Dam: Bred at The Ponderosa UK Stud Van Loon - Daughter Beach Boy Janssen - Son Bange Bond.
25 February 2015 at 13:57
Final Race Mileage: 520Klm (324 Miles) Basketed: 395 Birds 7th Open Winner Ahmed Al Kholi G.G.Child of Nephew Euro and Daughter Blauw As and Christje Heremans Ceuster Bred at The Ponderosa UK Stud 13th Open Winner Hamad Al Khlaifi Bred from an Inbred G.Son Rocky and G.Daughter Garfield at stock at The Ponderosa UK Stud.
25 February 2015 at 13:47
Main Race: 24th January 2015 Mileage: 521 Klm (324 Miles) Basketed: 2,453 Birds Only 15 home on the day Saad Al Abhoul - Kuwait winner 2nd Open 1st Ace performance pigeon sold for 15,000 Euro's G.G.Child Jonge Van Looy and lines Olympiad Heremans Ceuster. (At Stock at The Ponderosa UK Stud) SHEIKH ABDULLA MOHAMMED AL-THANI- QATAR Winner 21st Open Sire: Bred at The Ponderosa UK Stud Lines Olympiad - Diadora and Sister Peter-Wellins Hereman Ceuster When paired to the lines of Janssen (Bange-51) - Van Dyck
06 December 2014 at 07:55
Congratulation to Our friend Yousuf who won the 1st race in style, 1st bird against 3,000 pigeons bred from Ponderosa UK Stud pigeons, It is a Grand Daughter of Heremans-Ceusters pair 3 (Grand Son wonderaske and Diadora × Daughter Olympiad). One week later the same Pigeon won 7th place 180klm against 4,893 birds. A full brother to this pigeon won 2nd place in the one point loft kuwait from 450klm. Last season.
02 September 2014 at 14:30
Congratulations to The Preece Brothers of Wales for their results with The Muller Aarden. Dark Pied Hen "Gwasted Brians Queen" 2013 3rd Section 3rd WSR National Tarbes. 5th Section 35th NFC Tarbes. 2014 5th Section 6th WSR National Tarbes. 14th Section 97th NFC Tarbes. Blue Pied Hen "Gwassted Wendy's Girl. 2013 2nd Section 3rd BICC St Vincent. 2014 2nd Section 5th BICC Pau.
12 August 2014 at 14:02
1ST BELGIUM NATIONAL CHATEAUROUX 517KM Winner Lady Bolt 50% Heremans Ceusters Grand Parents at Stock At The Ponderosa UK Stud. Lines of Wonderaske and Wellins. This pair are also the Grand Sire and Grand Dam of 3rd and 4th Belgium National.
23 June 2014 at 14:48
CONGRATULATION to Charlie Riley, Tony Swain and The Preece Brothers of Wales on their recent results. 21st JUNE 2014 National Messac: 1st S.W Section = 10th Open Charlie Riley with Ponderosa De klak lines of Bartoli. 21st JUNE 2014 BIC Pau Preece Brothers 2nd Section 5th OPEN, Flying 597 miles with the Muller Aarden Pigeons. 31st MAY 2014 CSCFC Messac: 1st Open Yearling Derby won by Tony Swain with a direct Ponderosa UK Bred Ad Schaerlaeckens 1st S.W Section and 3rd Open Charlie Riley with the Bartoli lines of the Ponderosa De Klak.
28 April 2014 at 14:25
'Kajan' Is now at stock at the Ponderosa UK Stud Winner of Ace Pigeon NPO afd 10 2009 1st NPO afd10 Rayon 10 Chateauroux 752km 1.294 birds 23rd Arras 390km 11,192 birds 25th Chateaudun 650km 7,572 birds 39th Pithiviers 600km 7,906 birds 129th Chateauroux 752km 32,791 birds 135th Blois 700km 6,279 birds 17th Pithiviers 600km 974 birds 12th Arras 389km 2,763 birds 6th Chateaudun 650km 786 birds Full brother to this bird winner of " Ace pigeon NPO Afd 10 Rayon 10 2008"
07 October 2013 at 14:23
CONGRATULATION to THE PREECE FAMILY of WALES In 2013 2nd and 5th West Section 3rd and 17th Open BICC International St.Vincent Based on the POnderosa Muller and Van Geel Jan Aarden of Alun Maull.
07 October 2013 at 14:20
CONGRATULATION to DOUGH GATTLAND of REIGATE, SURREY Who won in 2013 2nd Open BICC International Championship Club St. Vincent with his 2 year old Chequer Hen containing the blood lines of the Van De Wegen, Jan Aarden and Wim Muller Pigeons.
07 October 2013 at 14:15
CONGRATULATION to DAVE and VINCE PADFIELD, of WALES For there continued success with their long distance family based on the Wim Muller - Jan Aarden Pigeons. Dave and Vince have won at least 7 Nationals and in 2013 won: > 1st and 2nd Welsh National Tarbe. > 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th Welsh SRNFC > 27th, 33rd, 52nd and 88th Open NFC Tarbes > 8th Open BICC Barcelona > 3rd Open BICC Tours > 30th Open BICC Pau International, > 1st Open, 1st Section BICC St. Vincent Inter National Championship Club 566 Miles
05 October 2013 at 08:11
CONGRATULATION to STEVE and PAUL KULPA, BERKSHIRE On there fantastic race results, who have been a customer of Ponderosa UK Stud for many years. > 1st Shinfield against 3,348 pigeons (27/06/2013) > a.o.3rd Exeter against 3,384 pigeons (27/06/2013) > 1st and 2nd Shinfield against 1.122 pigeons (13/05/2011) > 1st Caversham against 2,243 pigeons (25/11/2010) > The high point of the 2009 season (22/12/2009) 1st Shinfield 98km against 991 pigeons in the Berkshire Federation. The Winner won an average speed of 1281 mpm, which gave her a 21 mpm higher speed than the second pigeon in the Berkshire Federation. The father to th "133" is a Meuleman x Klak and the mother is a Grand Daughter of "Flits 85" and a Great Grand Daughter of "Bartoli". Steve and Paul have booked many successes with the offspring of their Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp Pigeons from the Ponderos Uk Stud. Their Cock GB.12.N.09101 and Eijerkamp Janssen whose father is a son of "Bartoli" x a daughter of "Flits 85" and his mother (winner of 2nd National open) is a great granddaughter of "Bartoli" The "101" flew a.o > 1st Wincanton 68 miles against 86 pigeons in the Shinfield club and also 1st Wincanton 68 miles against 671 pigeons in the Berkshire Feder Their cock GB.12.N.09083 a Hereman Ceuster, whose father is the NL.10.1273452 out of "Stijn" (out of "Goochelaar" x "Moeder Euro") and a Grand Daughter of the "Olympiade" (out of a brother to "DE Will" x a daughter of the "Olympiade" X "Finette") It's mother is the NL.10.1272395 out of "Dex" (out of a son of "Jackpot x Moeder Euro") and "Inteelt Blauw Gertje" (out of a brother to "Blauw Gertje" x sister to "Finette"). The "083" this season has flown a.o. > 1st Kingsdown 109 miles against 75 pigeons in the Shinfield club and also 1st Kingsdown 109 miles against 850 pigeons in the Berkshire Federation
05 October 2013 at 07:59
> 12th Wincanton 68 miles against 174 pigeons in the Caversham club > 24th Wincantion 69 miles against 3,061 pigeons in the BB&O Federation > 6th Yelverton 68 miles against 93 pigeons in the Caversham Club > 24th Yelverton 151 miles against 1,270 pigeons in the BB&O Federtaion > 7th Wincanton 68 miles against 152 pigeon in the Caversham club > 1st Honiton 103 miles against 84 pigeons in the Caversham club and also 7th Honiton 103 miles against 1,885 pigeons in the BB&O Federation. 1st Newton against 657 pigeons (14/10/2011) Steve and Paul won with their Cock GB.11.N.53706 (Eijerkamp Janssen) From Ponderoa Uk Stud. > 6th Kingsdown 109 miles against 1,997 in the UBI Combine > 1st Newton Abbot 131 miles against 39 pigeons in the Shinfield RPC and also 1st Newton Abbot 131 miles against 657 pigeons in the Berkshire Federation > 2nd on a 109 mile race aginst 639 pigeons in the Berkshire Section. The GB.11.N.53706 Its Sire a Son of "Silvester" and as it'S Dam a Grand Daughter of "porsche Bond" X "Lady Jumbo". With their GB.11.N.53606 also an Eijerkamp Janssen from Ponderosa Uk Stud they Won: > 1st Seaton 103 Miles against 194 pigeons in the Caversham Club and also > 11th Seaton 103 miles against 2,366 pigeon in the BB&O Federation The GB.11.N.53606 is out of a Grandson of "Bartoli" and "Lichte 05" and its mother is a Grand Daughter of "Flits". The Father of the "606" is one of their best racers who has won 5 first prizes. IF YOU HAVE RACING SUCCESS WITH PONDEROSA PIGEONS EMAIL YOUR RESULTS DIRECT TO PONDEROSA UK STUD ON
16 July 2013 at 10:11
The Dam of the 1st SW section 4th open Messac 2013 - GB09p 18755 was bred at the Ponderosa UK Stud Weymouth. The Sire NL-081101098 Son of Che. Dam NL01 1416386. Daughter Miss Saigon. We have 24 pairs of top Van Loon Stock birds, and 48 pairs of top Janssen birds. Breeding winners all over the world for 30 years.
09 July 2013 at 14:55
1st North West Section. 1st Open. C.S.C.F.C Penkridge - 93 Miles 2,397 Birds 2006. 1st Section 1st Open C.S.C.F.C 3rd Section 3rd Open BBC 1st Section 11th Open Lerwick Club. 2nd Section 14th Open Lerwick Club. Nigel has had a very successful racing loft for many years, winning at all levels. Some of the grand results from the Van Loon, Silver Shadow lines came from the Ponderosa UK. Also when paired to the Janssen family. A pigeon bred by Nigel Templer and raced by A.N. & J.E. Stone of Portishead. "Miss Charity" Inbred Granddaughter Silver Shadow. Winner 1st Club Chale Y.B. 2nd Club 9th Open, 25th West of England Combine Tours 1,685 birds. 2nd Section G 220th Open O.H. N.F.C. 16th Section G 491 birds. 55th Open. "Miss Charity" Inbred Granddaughter of Silver Shadow bred by Nigel Templer of Bristol. Owned and raced by Mr A.N and J.E. Stone of Portishead.
09 July 2013 at 14:22
Malcolm and Roy Wright, have won all club averages, open races and classic races and then the Blue Ribbon Race. The Midlands National Flying Club through there very successful partnership of over 20 years. There is a very strict selection policy over the years. They have built a family largley based on Van Denabeele pigeons. This has ensured continued success. They were winners of: 1st Midlands National Flying Club Poole 2006. 1st Midlands National Flying Club Falaise 2011.
08 July 2013 at 06:19
The 2nd ace middle distance 2011 - 2012 in Bagdad - Iraq won by a pigeon bred from two direct Ponderosa UK Stud pigeons. Mr.Salam Wahab won 2nd ace pigeon middle distance with his pigeon ring number IQ 10-0154648, which bred from two direct Ponderosa's pigeons. Sire is a verkerk 2008GB07394. Dam is Heremans-Ceusters 2008GB08513. The 648 won( +/- 500 birds): 6th from 535klm. 7th from 384klm. 10th from 443klm.
07 July 2013 at 05:42
For years, Egypt was one of PONDEROSA UK STUD'S active markets. Our Pigeons won many many top prizes up to national level!! Latest news received from Egypt on a Heremans-Ceusters hen, ring number 2008 GB 8461 (g. daughter Legendry Olympiad), who bred many top pigeons to win (results for 2013 only): 1st against 1,200 birds 180klm 2nd against 2,100 birds 200klm 4th against 2,100 birds 200klm 6th against 2,100 birds 520klm (combine) 7th against 1,700 birds 280klm 9th against 1,900 birds 350klm 9th against 3,400 birds 420klm (combine) 11th against 900 birds 280klm 13th against 2,000 birds 490klm (combine) 18th against 3,400 birds 420klm (combine) 19th against 1,400 birds 600klm (combine) 28th against 1,800 birds 600klm (combine)
06 July 2013 at 09:15
The Dam of the 1sw section 4th open Messac 2013--- GB09p 18755 was bred at PONDEROSA UK STUD Weymouth the sire NL-08 1101098 Son Che Dam NL01 1416386 Daughter Miss Saigon We have 24 pairs of top Van Loon stock birds and 48 pairs top Janssen. Breeding winners all over the world for 30 years.
13 June 2013 at 16:17
Mohammad Aziz, from Iraq achieved excellent results with Ponderosa pigeons. Mohammad had bought a hen from Euro Boy, best son of famous Euro of Heremans-Ceusters, when mated to daughter legendry Olympiade. This pair bred many winners. The daughter of this pair bred for Mohammad from the first nest, his champion Tony!!! Attached is a picture of Mohammad's champion Tony.
04 June 2013 at 10:11
We have recently bought 5 new Hermans- Causters to join the breeding stock here at Ponderosa UK Stud. They were purchased from the Leo Heremans total auction, in the world record online auction of PIPPA. These birds were purchased in May 2013. The Auction made a world record of 4.35 Million Euro's. BE13-6075061 "Beauty New Kleine Blauwe" Direct Child to "Suprise" x "Cherise" Parents to the amazing "Kleine Blauwe" 12.Nat acebird sprint KBDB "Cherise" is mother to 006/12 5 Young acebird MD Mechelen Region 2012. Original Leo Heremans BE13-6075060 "Kleine Blauwe Model" Direct Child to "Suprise" x "Cherise" Parents to the amazing "Kleine Blauwe" 12. Nat acebird sprint KBDB. "Cherise is mother to 006/12 5 Young acebird MD Mechelen Region 2012 BE11-6091664 "Son Dubbell Aske" Father is brother legendary "Olympiade" 2 Nat ace bird SD KBDB Olympiade bird Lievin 2003 Mother is "Dubbel Aske" 1st Nat ace bird "Superduif" 27 Nat Argenton 25,583 birds Original Leo Heremans BE12-6123105 "Grandson Tori" "Grandson Tori" 1st Nat ace bird SD "Ave Regina" 2005 2nd Nat ace bird SD "Ave Regina" 2006 Father is half brother 067/11 12 Nat ace bird KBDB 2011 Original Leo Heremans BE10-6146176 "Half Sister Sperwer" Half Sister "Olympic Sperwer" Olympiad bird Nitra 2013 1-2,032 birds 1-2,023 birds Half Sister "Donker Aske" 3 Nat ace bird MD "Ave Regina" Half Sister "Dino" 3 Nat ace bird "Ave Rigina" 2006 Original Leo Heremans
28 May 2013 at 14:24
This pigeon fancier won the 1st prize in his region from a race measuring 412 miles. This performance meant that he was placed 20th in the National Open. The pigeon that carried out this tremendous performance is GB.08K16929" this is a hen whose mother comes from Hans and Jan Evert Ejerkamp. The Mother is the NL.071369093 this is an Ejerkamp Janssen, it was bred out of a son of "Solano" Solano x La Prima Vera and Lady Solano (Solano x La Prima Vera).
28 May 2013 at 13:22
James Ross became 1st General Champion Combine, thanks to offspring from Eijerkamp Pigeons. The Championship was earned in seven domestic races for old birds. A grandson of "Young Boy" won on these seven races. The postions won include 1st, 2nd, 4th and 8th. James traded 4 youngsters with his freinds D&J Hawkins from Doncaster, Yorkshire. Two of these youngsters of Van Loon's via Hans Ejirkamp and sons from Silvermann Jr x Inteel Shadow, the Rominger line.
28 May 2013 at 12:45
ONE PIGEON SIXTEEN DAYS 4 X 1ST CLUB 2 X 1ST FED 1 X 2ND FED THE DARK COCK SIRE: From Janssen Bloodlines. DAM: Inbred Ponderosa UK Janssen from the Famous Marilyn- Bange 51, Dikke Blue and Kaaskop bloodlines. The following results were achieved by one pigeon, flown by Tommy Boland and Robert Brown, over the space of sixteen days earlier this year ~ a superb achievement. 3rd May 2008 Hullavington 1st Luddenden Foot HS against 254 birds. 2nd Pennine Valleys Fed against 1,608 birds. 10th May 2008 Hullavington 1st Luddenden Foot HS against 229 birds. 1st Pennine Valleys Fed against 1,567 birds. A Full Brother to The Dark Cock took 2nd Club 18th May 2008 Portland. 1st Luddenden Foot HS against 193 birds. 1st Ogden HS. 1st Pennine Valleys Fed against 1,101 birds.
28 May 2013 at 12:44
This father, son and grandson partnership achieved the following superb results with offspring from Ponderosa UK and Eijerkamp Janssen pigeons from the lines of James Bond, Famous 05, Marilyn, Miss Saigon, Lichte 05, Commander Bond and the old foundation Verbart 46 lines. 14th June 2008 1st Open British Barcelona Club Poitiers National against 1,498 birds 1st June 2008 22nd Open Solent South Road Federation Lessay against 2,031 birds 1st June 2008 21st Open Solent South Road Federation Lessay against 2,031 birds 3rd May 2008 28th & 84th Open Solent South Road Federation Picauville against 3,433 birds 26th April 2008 1st Solent South Road Federation Lessay against 4,006 birds 2007 16th Open Central Southern Classic Flying Club Fougeres against 2,640 birds
28 May 2013 at 12:42
1st BICC Young Bird Guernsey 2007. 2nd Open and 1st Section. CSCFC Guernsey 2007. Fantastic results with a nest pair of Ponderosa UK Stud De Klak / Janssen from the lines of De Generaal and Rocky.
28 May 2013 at 12:02
Neville performs very well in races with the decendants of "Bartoli". The first from Messac (201 Miles) was won with one of these decendants with 8,526 birds competing. He has already bred a 1st National in the UK with decendants from "Bartoli". It then went on to represent the Neatherlands Olympiad. In the same race Neville has also won 2nd National with another decendant of "Bartoli".
28 May 2013 at 11:17
Tips was bred out of "Aladin x Last Lady". Aladin was bred out of "Kleine Dirk and "Dochter Beautrixdoffer. "Last Lady" is a sister to "Kleine Dirk" and was bred out of "Gentil x Golden Lady" which is a daughter of "Kannibaal" out of Tipsy. Tipsy was paired to a daughter of Wonderboy. The pigeon that was bred went on to win 1st Federation from West Bay against 2,187 birds. Tipsy and a Janssen hen were paired and the offsping went on to win 1st combined from Yeovil, against 187 birds.
28 May 2013 at 10:38
Steve and Paul won 1st prize with their hen. This was in the race from Cavasham, 151 Miles against 2,243 pigeons. The winning pigeons lines come from Janssen - Van Loon. The Father of this winning pigeon is a son of "Bartoli".
10 April 2013 at 12:34
1st Open BBC Poitiers National. 1st Section A Flying 305 Miles. With Ponderosa Janssen. 1st Open BICC Pau International. 1st Centre Section flying 518 Miles. With Ponderosa UK Mullur Aarden. 1st Open CSCFC Bergerac. 1st South East Section Flying 421 Miles with Ponderosa UK De Klak and Bartoli Bloodlines. 13th Open NFC Tarbes National. 1st Section L flying 722 Miles on the day with Ponderosa UK Van Wanroy.
10 April 2013 at 12:02
1st Open National Flying Club Guernsey - With Ponderosa UK De Klak - Bartoli. 1st Open BICC Young Bird Guernsey. 2nd Open 1st Section CSCFC Guernsey. With Ponderosa UK De Klak / Janssen. 1st Open MCCFC Portland with Ponderosa UK Janssen Arendonk. NIPA Section A Winner 2007 with Ponderosa UK Janssen and Van Loon. 8th National Flying Club Guernsey YB. With Ponderosa UK Inbred James Bond.