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Racing in Saudi Arabia December 2015

Our friend Yousuf won it in style,
1st bird bred from ponderosa pigeon, grand. daughter (Heremans-Ceusters pair no 3 g.son wonderaske × daughter olympiad).

Full brother to the same pigeon won 2nd place in the one point loft kuwait from 450klm. Last year.

Ponderosa bred birds are winning at home and abroad, among them Charlie Riley
1st Section, 10th Open Messac National; Preece Bros 45th Open 597 miles; Tony
Swain 1st Open Yearling Derby Messac. A Belgian National winner (Chateauroux)
is from Ponderosa foundation stock, plus Al Hamli Bros, Dubai (see Pictorial 549).

The Ponderosa UK Stud is open daily 7 days a week 9:00am to 3:30pm please feel free to visit.

The Ponderosa UK Stud, was first established in 1984, and set up in Weymouth Dorset. Communications with Tony Hayne and Mary Bartlett first started in Holland as they were running a quarantine business, for the birds that were being imported and exported. As time progressed, the Dutch and English relationship continued to expand. This was when developments on the new Ponderosa UK Stud, founded by Hans Eijerkamp took place. The ideas behind this new development, was that this building would become the first breeding centre to be opended over the border in England and was designed as the Dutch Ponderosa.

In the late years of the 1980's Ponderosa UK Stud, started off with just 20 breeding pairs of stock birds, and over time as business was increasing that number steadily increased to house over 320 pairs of top quality stock birds. In the South of England, Tony, Mary, Steve and their professional team care and nurture the birds to the highest standard. The Ponderosa's connections started to expand, and the offspring that have been produced have gone on to achieve great results. Not only in England but in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, South Africa, New Zealand and Austrailia. The Australian connection is unique because the Ponderosa UK Stud was the first to export livestock to Austrailia for 46 years.

Some of the Ponderosa's aims are as follows:

- Providing the best quality service that we can.
- Maintaing healthy and happy relationships with our customers.
- Being able to provide a safe environment in which people can work in.
- Producing the best quality stock in which to sell top quality bloodlines.

An Example of these aims is when we established connections with Dubai. Working as a team we provided a good quality service, by this we mean helping them choose the best possible birds for their specific requirements, advising them how to race, giving them information on the specific dietary requirments needed for breeding and racing the birds. From then on we have kept very stong links with the United Arab Emirates. This is a possitive sign of good customer care. This is one of our main priorites.

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